Florence Gomez

Managing Director, The French Chamber

Florence has been the managing director of the French of Britain since 2007. Before moving to London, she spent 15 years in China where she spent most of her professional career. She is fluent in English and Chinese with degrees in both languages. More than twenty years abroad have brought Florence a wealth of experience of international affairs in both developed and emerging countries. She has had quite an atypical path, from launching a wine bar in Beijing back in 1995, through to teaching English at the French Lycée of Beijing, then becoming the general manager of a Franco-Chinese joint venture, VP Editions du Vidal, while on the side directing theatre plays and performing in a band.  She made her introduction into the world of French chambers in 2001, when she joined the French chamber of commerce in China as managing director. Within 6 years, she multiplied both staff and turnover by 6 and built the Chamber into a substantial and profitable organisation with over forty staff.

Florence Gomez has brought creative management and entrepreneurial flair to the organisations or companies she has worked for. She has the ability to motivate staff by open communication and has applied dynamism over the last 8 years to the French chamber in the UK, during the most testing economic times in its recent history.

Florence Gomez is the Honorary Chairman of the Council of Foreign Chambers in the UK (CFCC). After being appointed Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite in 2014, she was recently awarded the Légion d’Honneur in 2017.