Bénédicte Duval

General Manager UK & Ireland, Air France KLM

Bénédicte Duval has relocated to the GBI & IE establishment on the 01st of September from Paris where she held the position of VP for Sales Policies for Air France-KLM.

Having been with the company for over 30 years she is well placed to move into the position and continue to ensure that Air France-KLM maintains its strong position in the UK and Irish   market. She has started her career with Air France in 1986.  Since then she has held several positions including vice president of global    distribution in France which included sales to travel agents and the GDS. In 2008, she was appointed General Manager for Air France KLM in Canada. Following her time spent in charge of the Canadian market and working close with Delta Airlines; Benedicte became General Manager for Air France KLM in Italy, where she remained before returning to Head Office in Paris.