Jeanne Monchovet

Founder and Principal Consultant of Olystix

Jeanne Monchovet is the founder of Olystix, a communication and leadership skills company with a strong focus on developing young talent. Over the past 3 years, Olystix has been working hand in hand with fast growing tech startups to help them scale from 20+ employees to over 100. During periods of such rapid growth, one of the main challenges has been to equip young team members, being quickly promoted to the role of managers, with the right people and communication skills.  A dedicated programme for first-time managers was created: Rising Leaders. The second challenge has been to help address the change in people dynamics as staff started exceeding 100 people. A dedicated programme for non-managers was created: Soft Academy - how communicate, collaborate and organise effectively. These two programmes are now being embraced by larger companies to develop their young talent.