Discover what our members have to say about their experiences with the Chamber's services

Tram Anh Nguyen


“As we started the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship, we have fully enjoyed the support of the French Chamber. As we are building a platform to address the needs of professionals in finance to upskill in an industry rapidly being transformed by technology, having a partner like the Chamber which fully understands the topics of innovation and transformation is very valuable. They helped us to connect to other companies and invited us to private events where we could meet potential partners. We are looking forward to having the Chamber as a trusted partner.”

Jean-Michel Chalayer  

Co-founder and CEO, LE SALON

"The French Chamber of Great Britain is a vibrant and connected community. It has allowed me to access a wide network of decision makers and entrepreneurs I wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise. The team at the chamber is also doing a great job at promoting startups, which has helped us gain much needed visibility within the community."

Antoine Baschiera


"When establishing into the UK, the French Chamber of Great Britain has been a strong support. In our early days in the UK, having access to decision makers and valuable service was a key factor of success. After 2 years in London, we are still actively involved in the events, also thanks to the great balance between English food and French Champagne!  Above all, winning the Franco-British Business Awards helped us to convince key-decision makers and increase our credibility in both countries."