The French Chamber will continue to bring its pragmatism to the table, underpinned by the depth and breadth of the Franco-British relationship, to build beyond Brexit and drive jobs and growth so desperately needed in the wake of Covid. See our Beyond Brexit Hub and latest updates and insights below.

Beyond Brexit Hub

Latest Updates and Insights

Event report

Brexit update webinar, 30 Oct 2020

Emmanuel Massé, Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs at the French Embassy, Sir Charles Bowman, PwC, Former Lord Mayor of the City of London, and...

Brexit Update: Time’s up

The alarm clock is ready to sound the end of the process, it may be time to weigh up the inevitable downsides of a no deal, says Neil Sherlock...

Analyses & Studies

Explainer: The EU Succession Directive

The EU Succession Directive allows people with French and English connections to elect English law to apply to their estate in France by their English...

Analyses & Studies

Brexit Forum welcomes French Ambassador

A recent meeting of the Brexit Forum welcomed HE Ms Catherine Colonna, French Ambassador to the UK, alongside business leaders Fabienne Viala,...


This booklet contains top tips for business relations between the French and the British

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