Company set-up

We connect you with local experts to address all your business needs

Our personalised one-day introductory meeting will give you a 360┬░ view on all essential administrative and business aspects of your business

  • LAWYER: what type of structure is adapted to your local needs? 
  • TAX ADVISER: what type of taxation will be applied? 
  • BANK: how to open a bank account in the UK? 
  • RECRUITMENT AGENCY: how does the British system work? Do you recommend other agencies or exclusively the CCFGB Recruitment Services? 
  • INSURER: how to subscribe to mandatory insurances? 
  • ESTATE AGENTS: which localisation is the most adapted for your activity? 
For more information, please contact: businesssupport(@)


Having worked with several French Chambers around the world, it seemed natural to domicile our London offices at the FCCGB. The Business Centre team was key to the success of Crystal Finance in the UK as they helped us grow faster and be known to the French community.
Stanislas Steadman, Consultant UK and Ireland, CRYSTAL FINANCE