This award, sponsored by Colas Rail, will recognise an organisation that is going above and beyond to champion diversity and inclusion. The organisation must be able to demonstrate quantifiable, significant and verifiable steps to promote and achieve a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce.

We are looking for organisations which are showing ambition through initiatives such as: joining industry-leading pledges and programmes, informing and educating their stakeholders, setting up recruitment drives for underrepresented backgrounds, encouraging employee-led initiatives, etc. The organisation must be able to provide evidence that diversity and inclusion are values core to its recruitment processes and wider company culture.


  • Quality & scope of the initiatives take
  • Rationale of the initiatives
  • Impact of the initiative on diversity & inclusion within the organisation (current & expected)
  • Future developments


"Colas Rail UK is proud to be sponsoring the Diversity & Inclusion Award, the award reflects our commitment to managing excellence through core values where we aim to create a psychologically safe working environment that enables everyone to feel free to express their uniqueness with pride and that they are treated fairly and valued."