This award, in partnership with Heart of the City, will recognise an organisation that is going above and beyond to champion carbon neutrality. The organisation must be able to demonstrate it has put in place a quantifiable, significant and verifiable transformation plan to achieve Net Zero.

We are looking for organisations which are showing ambition by: setting bold targets and timelines, joining industry-leading coalitions and pledges, actively involving and influencing their supply chain and other stakeholders, empowering their teams to enable change from the bottom up, etc. The organisation must be able to provide evidence that carbon neutrality is embedded in its company culture and business model.


  • Ambition and scope of the Net Zero plan: targets, timelines, etc.
  • Actions and initiatives taken to achieve Net Zero plan 
  • Involvement of the whole range of stakeholders, including both staff and supply chain
  • Future developments (medium & long-term)


"Net zero is an imperative for our businesses, our people and the planet. As a responsible business charity, Heart of the City is delighted to be supporting the Net Zero Champion award at the Franco-British Business Awards this year. The role of businesses to create a sustainable future is at the core of Heart of the City’s work, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with the French Chamber of Great Britain to champion the pioneering work of the Chamber’s members who are paving the way to a greener future."