Alex MichaelSenior Business Development Manager, FI Group

Alex Michael is the Senior Business Development Manager at FI Group, global leading R&D consultancy company.

Backed by a strong brand and working alongside some experienced leaders, Alex has the opportunity to develop and grow the R&D tax business unit, which is already respected in the industry.

Alex brings high levels of complex R&D experience to the table and is capable of managing, leading and developing teams across FI’s service offering, whilst delivering on substantial claims and grants for a variety of clients, ranging from FTSE 100 multinationals to smaller private equity-owned groups. A key focus of his role will is handling current client claims and driving business development and marketing initiatives specifically for R&D work.

He has a strong operational understanding focused on delivery and revenue optimisation. He drove business development and sales into T1 Law Firms and Investment Banks, with projects more than $4,000,000, breaking targets based on revenue and retention based KPI’s, Alex has become the industry man for Special Projects, having sealed a $26,000,000 contract.

His regularly experience across several industry’s sectors demonstrates a commitment to developing robust relationships sustained on a framework of governance, integrity and professionalism. By managing resources, analysing trends and presenting data, Alex has been able to identify, develop and deliver upon commercial opportunities throughout the customer journey in both strategic and tactical business initiatives.

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