Snapshot of our 2021 programme of events

We are building a diverse and compelling programme of events to respond to your priorities. We will be here to help you build beyond Brexit, through Covid impacts, and address the climate challenge, as well as a range of key issues and sectoral specifics, from cybersecurity to diversity & inclusion.

We will be resuming in-person events as soon as we are allowed to; in the meantime here’s a snapshot of what is to come in 2021:

Beyond Brexit and the future of the Franco-British relationship

We will be offering a ‘Towards COP26’ series, promoting collaboration across our network by sharing insights and highlighting best practice and lessons learned by France and the UK on the path to Net Zero.

Similarly we will continue to provide a hub of insights and exchange on the impacts of Covid-19 on business: both immediate and longer-term implications for the future of work.

Our successful Forums and Clubs will kick off again the New Year, from Climate Change & Sustainability to Human Resources, Luxury and many more: more information to follow.

In addition, more episodes of our successful ‘In Conversation with…’ leadership series, where we catch up with business leaders across our membership will be announced soon. Please click here to view the latest edition.

Our events also remain a privileged platform to meet, network and gain visibility, both online and in-person (as soon as possible!). Please join 2021’s first Networking Hour on 12 January to discover our cutting-edge online networking platform REMO and start the year by building valuable relationships.

Later this year, we will also be offering you our flagship events: the Franco-British Business AwardsWomen, Inspiration & Leadership Summer Champagne Reception and more.


Please click here for our upcoming events calendar that is regularly updated to register for January events.
We send weekly new events updates – please email us if you do not receive them yet and would like to be added to the list.