Our Forums

The Chambers' Forums bring together business leaders from the Franco-British business community at large. They offer a great opportunity to meet experts in your field, to strengthen your expertise and share best practices within our community.

Brexit Forum

Upcoming session 26 Feb 2020

Launched in 2017 - Get first-hand information on the practical implications of BREXIT

Climate Change & Sustainability Forum

Upcoming session 25 Feb 2020

Launched in 2011 - Keep up to date with climate change and sustainability issues

Digital Transformation and Innovation Forum

Upcoming session 4 Feb 2020

Launched in 2016 - Explore the effects of the new digitalised world

Finance Forum

Upcoming session 12 Feb 2020

Launched in 2012 - Examine compelling financial issues

Human Resources Forum

Upcoming session 30 Jan 2020

Launched in 2009 - Optimise staff management in today’s job market

Retail & Consumer Brands Forum

Upcoming session 19 Mar 2020

Launched in 2017 - Analyse the future challenges of the retail sector


The Forums & Clubs are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. CPD describes the learning undertaken by business professionals to develop their skills on an ongoing basis. Engaging in Continuing Professional Development makes sure that skills and qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete, and is part of the requirements stipulated for a growing number of approved training programmes. Download the guide here

Forums are held at the French Chamber, unless stated otherwise (with the exception of Retail Forum).