Yann Bonduelle

Yann has 25 years + of experience helping clients embed and leverage the right data & analytics skills, tools, technology and processes to support strategic & operational decisions.

Over the last 4 years, Yann has led the Data Analytics team in PwC Consulting in the UK. The UK team includes 150 people, gathering experts in deep data, BI, modelling, econometrics and advanced analytics (e.g., Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI). The CDA team work across all industry sectors using data analytics to solve specific business solutions and helping clients leverage data analytics systematically to improve their decision making.

Yann is the PwC Global Relationship Partner (GRP) for RELX Group. He was the PwC GRP for the BBC from 2009 to 2015.

Yann’s most recent engagements have included ‘Creating a daily debt dashboard for 2 water utilities and predicting when their customers are about to default on their bills;’ ‘Reviewing the 10-year efficiency drive for a broadcaster and estimating the next 10 years efficiency target;’ ‘Defining the Op Model for a News organisation;’ and ‘Embedding data analytics at a private equity owned Petrol Station network company.’

Yann has been presenting at Chief Analytics & Data Officer (CAO & CDO) conferences on how best to become a Data Analytics enabled organisation. Yann has worked in many sectors: Data Services (2014-current), Broadcasting (2009-2015), Life Sciences (1996-2008), High tech (1990-2000), and Automotive (1990-1998). His client assignments have been concentrated with large established companies: RELX, the BBC, Bayer, Monsanto, GSK, Roche, AstraZeneca, GM, Canon, HP, Apple, and IBM.

Yann has an MSc and a PhD from Stanford University in Engineering Economic Systems and an Electrical Engineering degree from INSA, Rennes, France. Yann worked eight years based in Menlo Park, California, and 20 years based in London.

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