From Scratch to Success: Business Stories

Tuesday 20 June 2017
17:00  -  19:00
At Ciné Lumière Institut français
17 Queensbere Place, London SW7 2DT
£40+VAT per person; £65+VAT special price for 2


Founding Partner, C4 Ventures and Apple EMEIA GM, VP (2000 -2012)

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Wine Story was created in 2005 to promote small family vineyards selected for their focus on preserving traditional and natural methods of production. Wine Story is the exclusive UK representative for vineyards in all French wine regions and also from other famous wine production area all around the world.

MICHELIN STYLE WINES AT HOME We stock wines and spirits that you can drink at the very best London restaurants. Each wine comes from a small family vineyard and has its own unique story which I'd love to share with you.

Thibault Lavergne, Wine Story founder

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