Prosper Assouline

Prosper Assouline was born in Morocco and grew up in Paris where he studied Decorative Arts. A master of style, Prosper Assouline is known for merging the modern and the classical in publishing and creative design. The former artistic director of several French fashion magazines, Prosper’s experience includes creating and launching several successful magazines, including La Mode en Peinture, Palace Magazine, Air France Madame, and A, Les Aventures de l'Art,as well as the founding of a creative agency specializing in branding and advertising in the late 1980s.

With a vision of luxury in print, he founded ASSOULINE Publishing with his wife, Martine Assouline, in Paris in 1994, creating a world of exclusivity in books and brand identity. Under Prosper’s direction, ASSOULINE has invented a visual language that is internationally recognized for its excellence.

In October 2010, Prosper Assouline was knighted by the French Minister of Culture, Monsieur Frédéric Mitterrand, and was initiated into the “Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.”

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