Discover what our members have to say about their experiences with the Chamber's services

Katherine Bennett

OBE, Senior Vice president, AIRBUS

“Over the past few years I have attended a few CFGB events, as a guest and more recently as a speaker.  I find the interaction with other participants very engaging and the events are always superbly organised.  A Paul croissant is also hard to beat!”

David Chermont


"The Chamber has a unique ability to organise seriously high profile events that harmouniously blend industry leaders and really interesting contacts, in a setting that is always enjoyable and makes everyone feels more relaxed and approachable. At Inbound. we particularly appreciate these qualities because we try to do the same with our Entente Cordiale events."

Charles-Henri Duclos

Communication Manager, DECATHLON UK

"At Decathlon UK, We appreciate a lot the friendly atmosphere of the French Chamber's events. We are happy to be part to share our sport's spirit with the members. Networking is part of the business and we are sure with the French Chamber that all the events we participate like the Members2Members are well organized. We can propose some ideas, like a new sport event and they will take in charge and find the best way to do it. Thanks for your energy!"