Christine Milan

I’m Christine Milan, Head of Strategy for Publicis Luxe.


I’m a hybrid.

I’m French and Scottish.

I believe in structure as much as I believe in creativity.

I enjoy thinking big and small - from brand positioning to a newsletter strategy, from storytelling to an Instagram post, from service design to product page UI.

Experience is my favorite word, because it means everything that happens between brands and people – all the places and spaces where impact is possible, consistently articulated to create emotion.

I am passionate about Beauty - the market, the products, the brands, the trends, the people – and have been advising L’Oréal Group and L’Oréal Luxe brands for 10 years.

Beyond beauty, I’m a firm believer in courage, culture and kindness.

Last but not least, I believe that the words “desirable” and “durable” should now be completely co-dependent: sustainable transformation is both a moral imperative and a business necessity.

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