Climate Change & Sustainability Forum

Launched in 2011 - Keep up to date with climate change and sustainability issues
Mission statement
- Exchange knowledge and practical data that can be translated into concrete business practices
- Highlight the challenges of climate change
- Become a reliable Franco-British think tank on the topic

The Climate Change & Sustainability Forum is aimed at:
- CEOs
- Experts and Heads of Sustainability leading their organisations’ climate change commitments
Upcoming session
Theme: Urbanisation - Smart building/city
25 Feb 2020
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Jean-Philippe Verdier
Founding Partner, Verdier & Co. Corporate Advisory
Climate Change is becoming more and more a mainstream business issue, with investors increasingly paying close attention to it in their investment decisions and channeling funds into renewables and away from hydrocarbons.


Nidhi Baiswar
Head of Sustainable Design and Construction, Bouygues UK
Our planet is going through massive transformation while confronting and tackling climate change and global warming issues. We have to actively find solutions together so that we leave the environment in a better state than we found it.


TSE has a long research tradition on topics related to climate change and sustainability. For many years, our energy and environmental economics research group has been working on the economics of natural resources (notably water resource management, growth and climate change, and energy transition); the evaluation of public policies (including the issue of risk and uncertainty in cost-benefit analysis); the political economy of the environment; economics and biology (notably human-environment interactions), and behavioral environmental economics.

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