Digital Transformation and Innovation Forum

Explore the effects of the new digitalised world
Mission statement
Launched in November 2016 - Aimed at: Chief Digital Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Heads of Innovation and Heads of Strategy of major companies, CEOs in charge of innovation. The Forum also welcomes innovative start-ups with know-how in the field of digital transformation and innovation.
- Provide innovative digital experiences, expertise and tools
- Adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape
- Inform the implementation of groundbreaking digital strategies
By invitation only
Upcoming session
Cyber security
4 Oct. 2018


Christophe Chazot
Managing Director, HSBC
Thomas Watson, President of IBM, said in 1943: “I think there is a market for maybe five computers. ” It is to avoid...


Lucien Boyer
Chief Marketing Officer, Vivendi
Tackling innovation and digital transformation has now become a question of life or death for most businesses....

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Social Media

Guest Speakers: Amanda Tran, Managing Director, Jin and Joshua...

Jun. 21ST. 2018

Artificial Intelligence: new revenue stream and product services

Guest Speakers: Philippe Lerique, Partner, Talan Consulting UK Ltd and Alessandro Recino, Cloud Solution Architect Data...

Apr. 19TH. 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain: how these technologies will impact businesses

Guest Speakers: Sohail Raja, Head of Execution Platforms, Societe Generale CIB and Joseph Wreford, Strategy Consultant,...

Feb. 8TH. 2018
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Apr. 19 TH. 2018

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Feb. 8 TH. 2018
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