Finance Forum

Launched in 2012 - Examine compelling financial issues
Mission statement
- Provide a trusted space for open dialogue
- Produce engaging recommendations
- Share best practices across the sector

The Finance Forum is aimed at:
- CFOs
- Financial experts
- Treasurers
- Senior representatives of financial, regulatory and academic institutions
- Managing Directors of Corporate and Patron member companies
Upcoming session
Theme: Digitalisation of finance functions
16 May 2019


John Peachey
Managing Director - CFO Global Markets, HSBC Bank Plc
The world of finance is brad, constantly evolving and can be misinterpreted. We believe that a forum bringing together finance professionals to share their views and experiences as well as debate issues privately is very compelling.

Past sessions

The Financial World: How to Attract & Retain Talent (employees’ skills, performances, training, incentives, vision, etc.)

Venue:  At the French Chamber

Guest speaker(s):
Angela Paul , Research Lead, Willis Towers Watson.
Jessie Zhu , Career & Professional Development Programme Lead, London Business School.

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