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Examine compelling financial issues
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Launched in May 2012 - Aimed at: CFOs, financial experts, treasurers, senior representatives of financial, regulatory and academic institutions, Managing Directors of Corporate and Patron member companies
- Provide a trusted space for open dialogue
- Produce engaging recommendations
- Share best practices across the sector
By invitation only
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The Financial World: How to Attract & Retain Talent (employees’ skills, performances, training, incentives, vision, etc.)
20 Jun. 2018


John Peachey
Managing Director - CFO Global Markets, HSBC Bank Plc
The world of finance is brad, constantly evolving and can be misinterpreted. We believe that a forum bringing together...

past sessions

Cryptocurrency: Money of Tomorrow (bitcoin, blockchain, etc.)

Guest Speaker: Julian Kaljuvee, Co-founder, Founders Capital Ltd and Lucie Munier, Associate, Qadre

Feb. 21ST. 2018

The CFO, when and why do you need one? Challenges of the evolving business environment and adaption of the changing scope for the CFO's role' + Brainstorming on 2018 agenda

Guest Speakers: Patrick Fenton, Partner, Head of Cloud Transformation, KPMG, and Michaël Elalouf, CFO, iwoca

Nov. 2ND. 2017

The Impact of BREXIT on Finance

Guest Speakers: Liz Martins, UK Economist, HSBC, and Philippe Guyonnet-Duperat, Financial Counsellor, French Embassy

Jun. 21ST. 2017
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Cryptocurrency: Money of tomorrow

The latest session of the Finance Forum looked into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology which underpins them

Feb. 21 ST. 2018

The Impact of Brexit on Finance

Liz Martins of HSBC and Philippe Guyonnet-Dupérat of the French Embassy explored the complex terrain for Brexit and its...

Jun. 21 ST. 2017
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Annual Report 2017

Our Annual Activity Report for the year 2017 is out! you will find an overview of the year 2017 with all the details of the Chambers’ activities and results.

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