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Legal Workshop : From Getting the Right Business Structure to Understanding Intellectual Property

Guest Speakers: Jon Snade, Browne Jacobson and Andrew Hilton, Haseltine Lake LLP

Jan. 9 TH. 2018

BREXIT & UK Environmental Law: regulatory, corporate & consumer impact once we are 'out of the European framework'

Guest Speakers: Professor Charlotte Burns, Professorial Fellow in Sustainable Growth at the University of Sheffield and Martina Macpherson, Partner, Sustineri & Chair, BoD, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets

Jan. 16 TH. 2018

The Future of Retail: Customer Experience (behaviour & knowledge / customer psychology, loyalty...)

Guest Speakers: Catriona Ferris, Consumer Insight Director, Unilever; Gareth Pope, General Manager EMEA, Lululemon, and Megan Higgins, Leader, Customer & Retail Analytics PwC

Jan. 17 TH. 2018

Modern Slavery within the Workforce

Guest Speakers: Raymond Silverstein, Partner, Browne Jacobson and Samantha Brunton, HR Manager, Christian Dior Couture

Jan. 25 TH. 2018

The potential outcome of business regulations within the UK: Convergence or Divergence?

Guest speakers: Geoff Skingsley, Chairman, L'Oréal UK and Olivier Morel, Partner - Head of international at Cripps, Vice President of Marcalliance and Vice President of the French Chamber of Great Britain

Feb. 7 TH. 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain: how these technologies will impact businesses

Guest Speakers: Sohail Raja, Head of Execution Platforms, Societe Generale CIB and Joseph Wreford, Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Feb. 8 TH. 2018

Seventh lunch at House of Dior Theme: ‘Ethics and Truth’

Guest Speaker: Susan Liautaud, JD PhD, Founder THE ETHICS INCUBATOR, Founder and Managing Director, Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited

Feb. 13 TH. 2018

Cryptocurrency: Money of Tomorrow (bitcoin, blockchain, etc.)

Guest Speaker: Julian Kaljuvee, Co-founder, Founders Capital Ltd and Lucie Munier, Associate, Qadre

Feb. 21 ST. 2018

Navigating Funding Options

Guest Speakers: James Shaw, Co-Founder and Partner, Life Sciences & Corporate, Jag Shaw Baker and David Szekely, Investor & Advisor, Columbvs

Mar. 8 TH. 2018

The Health Impact of Air Quality: causes, consequences, current action plans, what more should be done

Guest Speakers: Elliot Treharne, Air Quality Manager, Greater London Authority  and Dr Richard Maggs, Consulting Group Manager - Air Quality, Acoustics & Vibration, Bureau Veritas UK 

Mar. 13 TH. 2018

The Importance of Work-Life Balance (family leaves, etc.)

Guest Speakers: Melanie Stancliffe, Employment Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP and Sarah Wallace, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

Mar. 14 TH. 2018

The disposal of old stock

Guest Speakers: Jamie Crummie, co-founder of Too Good To Go, Boriana Guimberteau, Partner, FTPA, Robin Osterley, Chief Executive Officer, Charity Retail Association

Apr. 10 TH. 2018

Impact of Brexit on investment decisions: a case study from the automotive industry

Guest speaker: Ian Henry, Director, AutoAnalysis

Apr. 11 TH. 2018

Doing business with the Brits. Why is it sometimes SO DIFFICULT?

Guest Speakers: Cathy Wellings, Director, The London School of International Communication and Matthew Hill, Facilitator, Author, Professional Speaker and Coach, The New Leader's Club

Apr. 17 TH. 2018

Artificial Intelligence: new revenue stream and product services

Guest Speakers: Philippe Lerique, Partner, Talan Consulting UK Ltd and Alessandro Recino, Cloud Solution Architect Data & AI, Microsoft

Apr. 19 TH. 2018

Eight lunch: Chanel’s flagship store Theme: ‘From the Kremlin to Konigswinter via Kowloon: Tales of Modern Diplomat’

Guest Speaker: Caroline Wilson, Director Europe, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

May. 10 TH. 2018

Compliance Considerations for a Globally Mobile Workforce

Guest Speakers: Charlotte Firth, Manager, James Cowper Kreston and Lucy Langham, HR Manager, Mechadyne

May. 17 TH. 2018

Batteries: technologies, innovation, usages and the economics

Guest Speakers: Alastair Davies, Head of Strategic Analysis & Modelling, EDF Energy and Richard Thompson, Partner, Foresight Group

May. 22 ND. 2018

Retail Forum 1 Year Anniversary Cocktail Party

May. 23 RD. 2018

Breakfast at the Royal Academy of Arts

Guest speakers: Dr Charles Saumarez Smith CBE, Secretary, Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts and Jo Prosser, Commercial Director at the Royal Academy of Arts

May. 24 TH. 2018

Start-ups and Corporates : Building and Evolving Valuable Relationships

Guest speakers: Soline Kauffmann-Tourkestansky, Global Head of Ecosystem, Early Metrics and Jeff Pearson, Supply Chain Director UK & Ireland, Veolia

Jun. 5 TH. 2018

Impact of BREXIT on HR & Education (talent, labour law, mobility, training)

Guest Speakers: Kady Doumbia, Founder & Managing Director, King Stage, Consultant, Turenne Consulting; Simon Mercado, Dean, ESCP Europe Business School London; Sarah Hancock, Head of Employee Relations, EDF Energy

Jun. 13 TH. 2018

The Financial World: How to Attract & Retain Talent (employees’ skills, performances, training, incentives, vision, etc.)

Guest Speakers: Angela Paul, Research Lead, Willis Towers Watson and Jessie Zhu, Career & Professional Development Programme Lead, London Business School

Jun. 20 TH. 2018