Will Brexit stall UK vehicle manufacturers?

UK vehicle manufacturers have adopted a wait and see approach, but the costs of Brexit could be a major challenge for...

Apr. 11 TH. 2018

Retail: Making old stock great again

The Retail Forum explored the options companies have when managing their out-of-date stock, from disposal to recycling

Apr. 10 TH. 2018

Taking your leave

The latest HR Forum heard about the importance of work-life balance and information on various forms of family leave

Mar. 14 TH. 2018

The health of impact of air quality

The latest Climate Change & Sustainability Forum explored causes, consequences, current action plans, and what more...

Mar. 13 TH. 2018

How to do business with the British

For French nationals, doing business in Britain can be a mystifying experience. The latest Start-up & SME Club shared...

Mar. 8 TH. 2018

Cryptocurrency: Money of tomorrow

The latest session of the Finance Forum looked into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology which underpins them

Feb. 21 ST. 2018

Modern Slavery within the Workforce

The latest HR Forum heard what companies need to do to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

Jan. 25 TH. 2018

Brainstorming Session: Themes for 2018

The Start-up & SME Club looked to the year ahead, and discussed the key issues facing entrepreneurs and small business...

Nov. 22 ND. 2017