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  • Get your business ready to export from the UK to the EU after Brexit: English
  • Exporting after Brexit if there’s no deal - country by country: English
  • Chamber services and advice on Tax and VAT
  • Guidance on how VAT could be affected in case of a ‘no deal’ EU Exit, and actions to take now. Information is split by topic and audience, and flowcharts: English
  • UK Government technical notice on VAT for businesses if there's no Brexit withdrawal agreement: English
  • If your business currently uses the UK VAT MOSS Union scheme, in the event of a no-deal Brexit you can continue to use the MOSS system after the UK leaves the EU, but must register for the VAT MOSS non-Union scheme in an EU member state: English
  • Guidance on accounting for import VAT in a no-deal Brexit: English
  • Guidance to manage import VAT on parcels: Guide and Toolkit
  • Find out about the changes to tax deductions on interest, royalties and dividends in a no-deal Brexit: English