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4 Dec 2019

The risks to the UK energy supply

Alexander Temerko, Director of Aquind Interconnector, underlines the importance for the UK to remain in the European Internal Energy Market

Start-up & SME
27 Nov 2019

KAMET and the entrepreneurial spirit

With offices in London, Paris and Tel Aviv and backing from the insurance giant AXA, Kamet is a disruptive start-up incubator that takes a unique...

Start-up & SME
20 Nov 2019

Station F : Putting Paris on the tech map

INFO speaks with Roxanne Varza, Director of Paris-based Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus and tech incubator, about France’s tech boom...

13 Nov 2019

Reshaping the financial world

Brexit is just the latest chapter in the storied history of London’s financial centre, says Catherine McGuinness, Chairman of the Policy and Resources...

5 Nov 2019

Deadlines, dear boy, deadlines...

A week is indeed a long time in politics but until 12th December is even longer. The British electorate will be voting in a general election for the...