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Brexit Update: Time’s up

The alarm clock is ready to sound the end of the process, it may be time to weigh up the inevitable downsides of a no deal, says Neil Sherlock...

HR Forum: Engagement

We discussed how to keep people engaged and fired up in COVID-19 times Chair: Pia Dekkers, HR Director, Chanel Speakers: Patrick Cournoyer,...

Explainer: The EU Succession Directive

The EU Succession Directive allows people with French and English connections to elect English law to apply to their estate in France by their English...


The French Chamber is happy to provide comments on Franco-British business issues, based on our knowledge and understanding of our extensive company network

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This booklet contains top tips for business relations between the French and the British

Our best-selling publication has sold over 5000 copies, including multiple copies to members such as Hermès, LVMH, PwC and Société Générale, but also to non members, such as the British Ministry of Defence.

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