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Managing the death of an employee

CEOs and company directors know how to deal with a death in their company, but in the time of pandemic and lockdown, there are extra challenges, say...

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How to ace your online event

Hosting an online event can help your brand or organisation maintain momentum, streamline costs and build a reputation as a digital innovator. In the...

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Three key actions to mitigate cybercrime

PwC's Threat Intelligence research has uncovered a mixture of espionage and cybercrime activity from a variety of threat actors capitalising on the...

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Brexit Forum welcomes French Ambassador

A recent meeting of the Brexit Forum welcomed HE Ms Catherine Colonna, French Ambassador to the UK, alongside business leaders Fabienne Viala,...

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How to solve the innovation dilemma

A recent meeting of the Chamber’s Retail and Consumer Brands Forum explored how brands can maximise their innovation and gain visibility in...


The French Chamber is happy to provide comments on Franco-British business issues, based on our knowledge and understanding of our extensive company network

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Our best-selling publication has sold over 5000 copies, including multiple copies to members such as Hermès, LVMH, PwC and Société Générale, but also to non members, such as the British Ministry of Defence.

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