Our 2022 programme

Our programme of activities includes insights to help you navigate the evolving Franco-British relationship, address the climate emergency and navigate major people-related transformation. Our events and communication platforms continue to offer unique opportunities to meet, network and gain visibility, both on and off-line.

The Franco-British Relationship

Exclusive Patron & Corporate Events

With our Franco-British Reception at the Parliament and our regular President’s Circle Dinners and Check in calls with the French Embassy, our Patron & Corporate members benefit from a multitude of opportunities to exchange best practice and to discuss the breadth, depth and strength of the Franco-British relationship with a range of policy makers. 

Franco-British Business Dashboard

Beyond events, the regular updates of our Franco-British Business Dashboard continue to provide essential evidence to inform businesses’ and policy-makers’ decision making.

Practical Advice

You can also count on our webinars and our business services to help you navigate the practical challenges of doing business in a post-Brexit landscape.

Franco-British Business Awards

And of course, what better way than our Franco-British Business Awards to celebrate the continuing Franco-British relationship! More details to be announced soon.

Beyond Brexit Forum

March will see the last ever edition of our ‘Beyond Brexit Forum’, looking back on one year of Brexit, as the bilateral relationship remains a key priority area beyond Brexit. 

Towards Net Zero

Events & Insights

Our ‘Towards Net Zero’ Hub and events work hand in hand to bring you insights and helpful resources on designing and achieving a net zero plan. Keep your eyes peeled for events and updates on: 

  • managing supply chain and suppliers 
  • leadership and internal organisation
  • tackling the infrastructure issue
  • managing customer expectations
  • financing

Sustainability Leads Club

Our Sustainability Leads Club unlocks opportunities for real progress by bringing together Sustainability and CSR leaders to share insights and best practice on achieving sustainable change in practice. 


Business Fit for the New World

Events & Insights

Our ‘Business Fit for the New World’ Hub is in progress and will properly launch soon. Keep your eyes peeled for best practice and success stories from members, updates and events on: 

  • resilience
  • diversity and inclusion
  • customer behaviour and expectations
  • employee attraction and retention

HR & CFO Clubs

Our HR Club and CFO Club (launching in April) will provide HR directors and CFOs with privileged platforms to exchange best practice on navigating the major people-related transformations they must manage within their own organisations.