Prospecting mission

The prospecting process consists of several stages:

  1. Development of a comprehensive business dossier, with the option to translate your documentation
  2. Precise targeting of future partners to be approached (identification and qualification of the most relevant contacts)
  3. Direct approach of prospects by our project managers
  4. Presentation, promotion of your products/services, and assessment of interest
  5. Compilation of feedback from each contacted company
  6. Assessment of our approach and presentation of recommendations for the next steps to follow


  • Assess the potential of your offering in the targeted market
  • Evaluate the levels of interest among a panel of potential partners: importers, distributors, wholesalers, or direct clients
  • Identify and approach future partners through a systematic targeting process


  • Our team will complete this service within 10 weeks

Our commitments:

  • Field information reflects the reality of your future market
  • With our expertise, we will assess your potential for success and identify potential partners or clients within a few days

Contact us for more information

Ghalia RAMZI Senior Business Consultant
+44 20 7092 6628 gramzi(@)
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