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Nicolas Petrovic, CEO of Eurostar "The French Chamber of Commerce plays a critical role in forging partnerships and relationships across the Anglo-French business community. We greatly value our involvement in the Chamber and the opportunities it presents for networking and cultural exchange. Over the last year, I have been particularly impressed with their innovative programme of events and the quality of their speakers. As a business that provides a vital link between the UK and France, we appreciate having this forum for exchanging ideas and building relationships."       
Ian Fisher, former Chief Country Officer & Head of Coverage and Investment Banking UK at Société Générale "The Chamber continues to be a highly valued contributor to the development of Franco-British business relations. Its cultural understanding, combined with its numerous events and large membership, provide businesses with excellent opportunities to enhance their knowledge and development."  
Dame Carolyn McCall OBE, CEO of easyJet “Having been a member of the French Chamber since 2011, easyJet views it as an important forum through which we can demonstrate our strong business links with France as well as providing us with an excellent network of more than 600 Franco-British businesses. More companies are choosing to fly with easyJet as our links with French business continue to strengthen. The team led by Florence is excellent and we enjoy being part of a dynamic association and adding value wherever we can.”  

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