The UK-France Business Forum is a joint initiative of the French Chamber and the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established in 2022 with the primary objective of promoting economic growth, stimulating employment and innovation in the Franco-British business community. The Forum convenes bi-annually, bringing together key stakeholders and business leaders from both sides of the Channel to engage in constructive dialogue and collaboration, in order to identify common challenges and solutions that will benefit both economies.

Forum's aims and achievements

During the inaugural edition of the Forum, participants reached a consensus on several key areas of focus, including clean growth, technology and innovation, and mobility.

In preparation for the UK-France Summit of 10 March 2023, our Forum sent a letter of recommendations to President Macron and Prime Minister Sunak. The letter focused on the three key themes that the forum had identified, which are mentioned above.

At the Summit, the President of the French Chamber had the opportunity to discuss these themes with both Heads of State. We are pleased to note that two of our recommendations were included in the Joint Declaration.

Focus on our work on mobility

Our findings highlighted the impact of the new legal framework on the members' ability to move workers across the Channel: the process has become more complex, lengthier, and more expensive. In light of this, participants recommended the introduction of a digital border. This would be achieved through advanced traveller preparation and authorisation, accelerated border crossing with biometric technology, and trusted traveller recognition. The participants believe that such measures significantly improve the mobility of workers and businesses between the UK and France.


Executive summaries of previous editions and major events

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The UK-France Business Dashboard

The French Chamber is launching the new UK-France Business Dashboard, a dynamic tool providing valuable insights into the Franco-British business community.

This innovative dashboard features two main sections: key findings from the French Chamber Membership Survey 2023 and an economic overview of the UK and France.


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