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About the UK General Elections

The United Kingdom's General Elections are pivotal events that shape the nation's political landscape. Held every five years, these elections determine the composition of the House of Commons, influencing the direction of the UK government and its policies. Major political parties campaign on a range of issues critical to the country’s future.

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Tax Policy

After last night's leaders' face-off, where Sunak and Starmer clashed over tax policy, we examine the Conservative and Labour tax policies.   ...

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About the French Legislative Elections

The legislative elections in France are crucial in determining the composition of the National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament. Following the recent European Elections, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on June 9 that he was dissolving the National Assembly and calling for new parliamentary elections.

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From a Paris Point of View

In a complex and unstable geopolitical environment, marked by climate change, electoral upheaval and conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, the...

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