Dr James CadmanHead of Consultancy and Carbon, Action Sustainability

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James Cadman heads up Action Sustainability’s Consultancy team. He has worked in product sustainability and sustainable procurement for more 20 years, having worked at AEA Technology and ERM prior to Action Sustainability. James’ work is focused on understanding the sustainability impacts that products have through their life cycles and applying that to supply chain sustainability initiatives. He has led many projects on developing sustainable procurement policies, devising product standards and guidance, and undertaking carbon footprinting in order to improve product and market sustainability performance. Past clients include the likes of Network Rail, Unilever, Tesco, IKEA, Vodafone, and Defra.

With the ever-present push to drive carbon emissions down as we work towards net zero, James is active with consultancy clients in measuring carbon, developing strategic approaches to reduction, and implementing them. This is usually combined with delivering sustainable procurement outcomes. You will also often see and hear him deliver carbon training through the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

James was inspired to have a career in sustainability following the Bhopal and Exxon Valdez disasters, among other high-profile incidents, to the point of undertaking a PhD where he researched methods for removing industrial pollution from water. He has been passionate ever since about environmental issues and can often be found ‘urban guerrilla’ tree planting around Oxfordshire to make his own contribution to carbon sequestration. And when he’s not planting trees he enjoys growing veg at his allotment – all local, organic and fair trade!

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