Jerome BlandinHead of Broughton Plant, Airbus

In September 2019, Jerome Blandin was confirmed as the Head of Airbus’ Broughton Plant, a role he formally took over from Paul McKinlay in January 2020.  

Previously Head of the A350 Wing Manufacturing, Broughton, Jerome, a Vice-President, led operations in the plant’s latest and most advanced, eco-friendly manufacturing facility, North Factory. 

His mission was to deliver A350 lightweight composite wings to the highest safety and quality standards whilst developing and implementing a strategy which secured the long-term future and competitiveness of Broughton’s A350 activities. 

Jerome’s tenure in A350 began in 2018. Since then his team has continuously out-performed company targets, successfully embarked on a significant digital tools and solutions introduction and led the way on new ways of working for the overall plant.

Jerome joined Airbus in 2001 as a Project Engineer on the A380 programme in Filton after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg, a French engineering school. 

After spending 10 years on the development phase of the A400M Wing, Jerome became the Head of Programme for the Filton plant before joining GKN in 2015 as the General Manager for Western Approach, a site specialising in composite spar manufacture and assembly for the A350 and A400M programme. 

He returned to Airbus in 2017, joining Broughton plant successively leading operations for A330, A380 and A320 prior to joining A350. 

During his various roles across the plant he has been incredibly proud of the Broughton team and sees their hard work, commitment and innovative mindset as a key ingredient for the ongoing success of the site.

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