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The workshop is designed to highlight the vital importance of cultural awareness as a performance enhancing management skills

How does culture impact on day to day business and on team work and what are the tools staff at all levels need in order to gain better intercultural understanding?

Peter Alfandary, Senior Vice President of the Chamber and a recognised expert in the field of culture intelligence, will host this interactive teaching session.

Participation will be limited to 20 people.


  • An increased awareness of the importance of cultural intelligence and its practical application to their daily business
  • A greater understanding  of how cultural intelligence can assist in creating greater harmony in their teams
  • Insights into the different ways other cultures deal with issues such as communication, decision-making, time, hierarchy, risk, negotiation and trust building
  • A better understanding of how one’s own culture is perceived by others and flex their style accordingly
  • Practical tips on how to hone cultural intelligence so as to enhance individual and group performance


  • What is Cultural Intelligence and how does it impact on business generally?
  • How all of us naturally lean towards a) subjective interpretation b) stereotyping and c) fast thinking and d) unconscious bias
  • How our own culture may be perceived by others
  • A specific look at the British and the French in business
  • The problem of the use of English by native English speakers  - common mistakes and areas of misunderstanding in particular during meetings and on conference calls.
  • Cross cultural implications of virtual meetings – how to get it right
  • A look at particularly relevant areas e.g. cultural differences in a) communication styles b) time management c) reasoning d) hierarchy e) trust building f) risk and tolerance of uncertainty g) negotiations
  • Practical tips and tools for ‘getting it right’ including the use of the Cultural Audit Tool at the outset of all new projects.


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