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AI for Good initiative from Microsoft

Microsoft launches AI for Good accelerator programme for startups in February 2019

Microsoft wants to help social enterprises, charities, social businesses, an NGOs with a focus on the environment or a social mission to seek out innovative solutions - courtesy of their "AI for Good" initiative starting in February 2019.


AI for Good: the opportunity

Microsoft is investing heavily to use AI to unlock solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges on a global scale, with initiatives such as AI for Humanitarian ActionAI for Accessibility, and AI for Earth. From a UK perspective, they’ve tried to do something a little bit different.

You are a social enterprise or startup looking to embed AI within your service offering? Or a charity looking for deeper guidance and support to help you lift an AI solution off the ground? You are thinking innovatively about how AI can help tackle climate change or make the world a more accessible place? This event is perfect for you!

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« We should not think what AI can do, but what it should do »

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, about the AI for Good accelerator programme for startups

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