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Building beyond Brexit and through fresh Covid impacts

We thought this year was tough in terms of challenge for Franco-British business…the last week has shown us there is always potential for things to get tougher.

In the face of the latest Covid evolutions and the French-UK border closure, we are glad a way forwards has been found, and the cooperation shown on both sides of the Channel is just the festive spirit we needed. The French Embassy and Consulate have been working tirelessly to provide clear information for French nationals and residents currently in the UK – please do take a look if you need any support.

And on Brexit: it’s a relief to know that French and British businesses can enter the next chapter of their relationship with something of a foundation on which to land in just one week. But this is certainly not the end of the story: it is rather a new one that begins. There is still so much for businesses to understand to be able to prepare and extremely little time, from new customs checks and procedures to supply chain continuity, the latter shaken by the latest Covid developments. A deal is certainly better than no deal, but at this late stage does not mean a smooth transition come 1 January.

Our Chamber community will continue to bring its pragmatism to the table, underpinned by the depth and breadth of the Franco-British relationship, to build beyond Brexit and drive jobs and growth so desperately needed in the wake of Covid.

We are keen to hear from our members regarding Brexit-related concerns and preparedness, and we will be here to help navigate these and provide insights and support in the weeks and months ahead.

We will be in touch in the New Year, but in the meantime please do:

It is critical to stay connected with other businesses, get support and both offer and gain insights and expertise so that together we can build beyond Brexit and through Covid impacts.

Whatever size or sector your business is in, the Chamber will be here for you.

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