Kingfisher: helping to make better homes accessible to everyone


International home improvement company Kingfisher plc has been committed to sustainable and responsible business for over 30 years.

Creating greener, healthier homes   

At Kingfisher, it is important for sustainability to become the norm – an everyday feature that customers can expect from products. Through its Sustainable Home Products (SHPs), which have features that are sustainable or deliver sustainable benefits to their customers, it aims to help lower environmental impact. 

“We know that people are increasingly looking to make choices that are kinder to the planet,” explains Product Sustainability Manager Gin Tidridge. “We know that price can be a barrier for our customers, so we are committed to ensuring we don’t charge a premium for Sustainable Home Products to make sure they are as accessible as possible.” 

SHPs are rigorously tested against a set of dedicated guidelines verified by sustainability charity and social enterprise Bioregional. These help to identify two main types of product: 

  • Products made for sustainability, which are responsibly sourced, made from renewable or recycled materials, or manufactured in an environmentally friendly way 

  • Products for sustainable living, which help customers live more sustainably through saving money or water, for example 

Products found to have a negative environmental impact are then placed on a ‘Watch List’ with the goal of phasing them out entirely – one example of this being peat-based compost. B&Q recently announced that all its bagged compost is completely peat-free, reaching its previously set target a year ahead of schedule. B&Q is now working on removing peat from all potted plants. 

Kingfisher is well aware of the increased pressure on customers heading into this winter. Its brands have been working for many years to support customers to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. In the UK, B&Q and Screwfix offer a wide range of affordably priced energy efficiency products such as insulation, double glazing, LED lightbulbs, smart thermostats and energy-saving appliances, with Screwfix also selling heat pumps and solar panels. 

B&Q has also recently launched an energy efficiency hub with expert tips on how to reduce energy usage. Later this year, it will launch a one-stop energy saving service designed to demystify the complexity of energy efficiency, help customers create a personalised action plan, and connect them to the products and services they need. 

Helping to fix bad housing  

To complement their commercial activities, each Kingfisher brand operates a charitable foundation. Between 2016 and 2021, these foundations have helped 1.5 million people through community projects. These support people to feel safe and secure in their homes and communities – ranging from bringing DIY skills to disadvantaged communities to renovating refuges, orphanages and care homes. Kingfisher is on track to reach its target of helping over two million people with the greatest need for secure housing by 2025. 

The Screwfix Foundation’s partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, for instance, helps to relieve financial pressures on patients following their diagnosis and throughout their treatment. Through one-off payments of £350, the Foundation helps patients access Macmillan grants and takes away the pressure of having to provide evidence of its intended use. 

Driven by the fundamental belief that everyone needs a place to feel at home, the B&Q Foundation also provides assistance to charities helping society’s most vulnerable, including partnering with organisations such as the Refugee Council. Over the past year, a £50,000 grant from the foundation has enabled the charity to help over 150 refugees not only with finding a place to live, but with services like opening a bank account and registering with a GP. 

Kingfisher plc is an international home improvement company with over 1,500 stores, supported by a team of 80,000 colleagues. In the UK, Kingfisher is perhaps best known through its B&Q and Screwfix banners, whilst French customers will likely be familiar with its Brico Dépôt and Castorama brands.

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