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La Rochelle Education Group changes its name to Excelia Group.

A new name and a new identity for La Rochelle Education Group

October 2018.

Created in 1988, La Rochelle Education Group, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has changed its name. This name change is part of a strategy that aims to strengthen the standing and appeal of the Group on both a national and international level, a group which encompasses a varied portfolio of activities and schools. The names of the individual schools remain unchanged but their brands will be further strengthened by association with the Group’s new identity.

La Rochelle Education Group changes its name to Excelia Group.

Since its creation in 1988 (by La Rochelle’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and with its relentless emphasis on excellence, La Rochelle Education Group has continued to develop both in France and abroad. Building on its strong roots and its values of commitment and responsibility, over the last 30 years it has become an established group comprising 5 renowned schools welcoming more than 3,600 students. The Group comprises La Rochelle Business School, a major management school, La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School, a major school of tourism, La Rochelle Digital School, specialising in new technologies, La Rochelle Academy, offering preparatory and foundation courses and La Rochelle Executive Education, a school offering continual professional development.

Bruno Neil, CEO & Dean of Excelia Group explains: “This new identity will assist in the diversification of the Group’s portfolio of activities, enhance the development of its sites and campuses beyond La Rochelle itself and will be the flagship for the Group’s development and values in the coming years, all of which focus on excellence.”

Based on excellence, Excelia embodies an educational strategy focussing on high academic standards, professionalisation, a global outlook and international mobility as well as personal development.

Excelia equips its learners with the necessary skills for today’s employment market and provides them with strong values in order to create flexible, committed and responsible leaders. The name Excelia itself will represent enhanced success and will be a vector of sustainable values. Excelia will convey a strong visual identity playing on the pronunciation and meaning of ‘XL’: THINKING BIGGER & LOOKING FURTHER... such is the philosophy of the new brand.

Find the press release HERE.

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