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Sustainability Leads Club: Hydrogen


For its third session of the year, the Sustainability Leads Club focused on hydrogen and its importance for sustainability.

The event started with a word from our partner WTW who hosted the session, followed by the Club co-chairs, Julie Barlatier-Prieuret and Eloise Cotton, who introduced the speakers Kerry Mullen, Business Development Manager at Hynamics and Elodie Zausa, Development and Sales Manager at Geostock.

This session was initiated with a presentation from Kerry Mullen on the hydrogen rainbow (different ways of producing hydrogen), and on Hynamics operations. She provided insights into hydrogen demand as well as the importance of developing hydrogen production and distribution for major emitting industries like transport and industry. She further provided an overview of the challenges related to hydrogen production like infrastructure, cost/funding and regulation, safety and supply chain challenges before giving an overview of hynamics ongoing projects.

Elodie Zausa continued providing an overview of Geostock’s activity. She gave insights into the future of hydrogen and hydrogen storage offering insights on the future needs of related to energy storage. She then explained the different ways of storing hydrogen and their pros and cons. She provided a map of the geographical disparity of between H2 emissions and industrial emissions and the needs for storage on a large scale to achieve net zero. 




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