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The World Ahead: Top 10 trends for 2024 – Breakfast briefing with Tom Standage, Deputy Editor, The Economist and Editor, “The World Ahead 2024"


On January 30th, members had the chance to attend a special breakfast briefing with Tom Standage, Deputy Editor of The Economist and Editor of 'The World Ahead'.

In 2024, with the US and UK holding crucial elections, Tom Standage explored key questions with our members.

Global conflicts are expected to influence economic decisions, impacting trade and market stability.

Standage also highlighted the accelerated adoption of transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a potential solution to talent shortages.

As we navigate these trends, businesses need to stay adaptable and informed, with an eye on political, technological, and economic shifts shaping the year ahead.

Thanks to Hogan Lovells for hosting us. 

Missed the event? You can download the presentation from here.



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