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Working remotely in times of crisis

COVID-19 has accelerated the largest shift in working practices in modern times, with employees working remotely in record numbers. During this time, it is especially important to reflect on how to remain healthy, happy and compassionate in the face of unprecedented challenges

Fix your base camp

  • Lock down your sleep routine
  • Stay active, eat fresh foods & sparingly
  • Nurture positive feelings
  • Seek out optimistic positions
  • Manage the work-home boundary

Create a productive space

  • Get a clear dedicated workplace
  • Sit well and stand often
  • Wear noise-cancelling headphones or concentration music

Establish a daily routine

  • Share housework / childcare duties
  • Secure focus time
  • Clarify top three priorities
  • Manage distractions
  • Take regular breaks

Master Anxiety

  • Breathe in and out, long & slow
  • Visualise a safe and inspiring place
  • Trigger a positive emotion

Connect with your team

  • Check in with colleagues regularly
  • Favour video calls whenever possible
  • Hold short and focused virtual meetings
  • Establish a group call etiquette

Be empathetic and supportive

  • Understand other’s context and challenges
  • Be patient and respectful
  • Set clear performance objectives but be flexible on how work gets done
  • Trust your team
  • Say thank you and celebrate milestones


Thierry Moschetti is a Partner at the Resilience Institute Europe, which works with small and large organisations to support human performance and accelerate organisational transformation. He spoke at the French Chamber’s webinar ‘The impact of COVID-19 on employees: how companies are coping and tips on how to work remotely effectively’ on 25 March. The Institute will be delivering a science-based webinar series to learn current best practices to boost your physical, emotional and mental resilience.

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