Payroll Management

Payroll management includes:

  • Registration of the employer with local social security organisations
  • Declaration and registration (or deregistration) procedures for employees:
    • Pre-employment declaration
    • Registration of the employee with various provident funds (with partner)
    • Referral to a specialised lawyer for the drafting of the employment contract in English
    • Payroll generation
    • Monthly social and tax declarations
    • Monthly salary payments (optional)
  • Our team can recommend bilingual lawyers in case of disputes or for specific procedures (dismissals, disciplinary procedures, etc.)

This service is subject to UK regulations.


  • Have a single point of contact that you can trust
  • Delegate all your social procedures and lighten your workload
  • Rely on reliable local experts


  • According to your needs.

Our Commitments:

  • Managing all social obligations of our clients
  • Providing quality and friendly advice
  • Ensuring compliance with local authorities (tax authorities and social security organisations)

For more information contact:

Irene ENGELHARDT-REGNIER Head of Business Services
+44 (0) 2 07 092 6606 iregnier(@)
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