Subsidiary Creation Consulting

With the support of our partner networks, we accompany you through all the stages of creating your subsidiary:

  • Consultation on the legal structure choice based on the target market
  • In collaboration with local authorities and/or our partners (legal advisors, tax experts, lawyers), we assist you with:
    • Legal establishment of your local company (subsidiary or branch)
    • Registration of your company with HMRC
    • Protection of your future establishment's name, trademark registration
    • Opening a bank account


  • Facilitate your establishment through a comprehensive turnkey service
  • Enable you to become operational immediately
  • Reduce costs and the timeline for creating your future structure


  • Subsidiary establishment: 1 week
  • Branch establishment: 6 weeks
  • VAT registration: 4 to 8 weeks

Our Commitments:

  • We provide you with our technical knowledge of local legal procedures
  • Connect you with our network of qualified partners (legal advisors, tax experts, lawyers)
  • Coordinate and assist you throughout your project

For more information contact:

Irene ENGELHARDT-REGNIER Head of Business Services
+44 (0) 2 07 092 6606 iregnier(@)
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