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Learn to use different thinking tools & explore psychological attitudes influencing creative potential and abilities to gain a fresh perspective

In this masterclass, we explore how you think, where you get stuck, and how to see afresh. You learn to use different thinking tools for different occasions and build creative muscle. You also explore some of the psychological attitudes that influence our creative potential and abilities. Ultimately, you gain a fresh perspective on how to improve personal and team creative output bringing real value to team performance.

We put theory into practice with specially designed activities where we apply techniques to real work challenges.

Who is this for?

  • Any team member looking to tap into their creative potential to build skills fit for the future
  • Team leaders wanting inspiration for new ways of looking, thinking and acting

What will we cover?

  • Understand the Art and Science of Creative Intelligence
  • Learn to use tools to challenge paradigms and perceptions
  • Learn and practice Directed thinking
  • Learn and practice Lateral Thinking

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