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Petrossian has moved into the Oyster Bar of the two Michelin stars Chef Claude Bosi restaurant in London

Petrossian, the French caviar pioneer founded in 1920, has recently forged partnership with Claude Bosi in the UK. Claude was recently awarded two Michelin stars for his London restaurant Bibendum.

Petrossian has moved into the Oyster Bar on the ground floor of the iconic Michelin building, where exceptional caviar, smoked fish and other delicacies  can be enjoyed simply, in different styles. Whether on its own with a mother of pearl spoon, pressed or in liquid form, the precious black bead gets reinvented, revealing more powerful notes and surprising textures for endless possibilities.

Smoked salmon, tarama and fish roe also have room to shine. These smoked specialities are deeply rooted in the near centennial brand’s history and expertise.

Eat on-the-spot or take out pairing with its plain vodka, or try the surprising Petrossian caviar flavoured vodka, the company’s latest innovation.

Upstairs, Petrossian delicacies express their full potential as components of Claude’s culinary creations (Duck Jelly & Petrossian caviar).

When a grand chef partners with one of the symbols of French luxury style, the upshot becomes London’s hottest gastronomic fusion!

Reservation at:   

Petrossian @Bibendum Oyster Bar

Michelin House, 81 Fulham Rd, London SW3 6RD, Tel +44 20 7589 1480

Open all day, every day

Monday to Friday: Breakfast 08:00am-11:30am, Lunch 12:00pm-4:30pm, Dinner 5:30pm-9:45pm
Saturday & Sunday: Brunch 09:00am-4:45pm, Dinner Sat 5:30pm-9:45pm, Dinner Sun 6pm-8:45pm


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