During these uncertain times, we encourage you to share your insight and best practice on how your businesses are adapting to the situation. We will release content and advice on topics such as remote working and crisis management, and we would like to give you the opportunity to contribute to it. Do not hesitate to contact us to contribute content.

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Budget Announcement 2021

The Chamber welcomes the Budget announcement of an overall £25bn in direct support for businesses – much needed to get us through what is hopefully...

Analyses & Studies

Know your risks in art transactions

Helen Conybeare Williams, Counsel and Solicitor Advocate in the international disputes group at Haynes and Boone, offers guidance on avoiding and...

Event report

HR Forum: Mental health in times of Covid

A recent session of the Chamber’s HR Forum heard that the pandemic helped organisations move forward with their wellbeing agendas The COVID-19...

Analyses & Studies

Bedding in the Brexit deal

Companies are now at the sharp end of the push for Global Britain, says Anca Toma-Thomson, Partner Corporate and Commercial at the law firm Spencer...

Analyses & Studies

Brexit Basics: information for businesses

With a deal now in place, new rules on VAT and imports and exports have come into force Summary of the agreement No tariffs or quotas on trade in...

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